“Schöne rustikale Schrankwand zu Verschenken” — 12621 Hellersdorf

Modular wood-veneer cabinets known as Schrankwand were highly popular in Germany during the 20th Century. Mass-produced in local workshops, the Schrankwand became nearly ubiquitous in post-war households in both West Germany and East Germany as their societies and economies were rebuilding from WWII, and it remained commonplace even after German reunification in 1990. The Schrankwand was custom-assembled to cover an entire living-room wall and to safely store the family’s valued possessions. It had a special compartment for everything, from the television set to the crystal glassware collection. A symbol of domesticity and middle-class respectability, the Schrankwand was the backdrop to three generations of German family life.

Nowadays the Schrankwand has fallen out of fashion. These imposing pieces can often be found on classified websites, being given away for free to whomever can disassemble them and carry them off. This is the story of one donated Schrankwand and the home it inhabited, in an industrial district of the former East Berlin.


Grandmother’s wedding credit
What better use for it
Than to create something special, just for them
A treasure chest to hold their new life together
Custom assembled in oak overlay
A statement maker amidst floral wallpaper
With space for everything, even the Christmas ornaments
Leaded glass panels keep the dust off the china
That will save her a lot of work — especially later on
When her legacy will have gotten bigger

Sometimes she doesn’t seem to know anymore
Who’s right and who’s wrong
In this world nowadays
Sometimes she doesn’t seem to know anymore
My face from my mother’s
Sun rays filter through lace curtains
Orchids on the windowsill
Was it today or yesterday
That she watered them

Better get supper started
He’ll come walking through the front door 
Anytime now
Wonder what could be keeping him
Sometimes she doesn’t seem to know anymore
Sometimes it’s better not to remind her

I hope she knew we always had the best intentions at heart
Boxes stacked all the way to the popcorn ceiling
This fawn has a chipped ear
But it’s not that obvious, I guess
Just put it in there with the other figurines
Has anybody seen the key to the cellar

It’s not really my style, though I appreciate the thought
I don’t need that much space
Just to store my Lonely Planet guides
It would seem kind of strange
Croatia exhibited on a layer of oak 
That used to know it by another name

Just between us, I worry it might send the wrong message
I’d look like a person already settled down
With a place for everything and everything in its place
A lot like her, I suppose
My boyfriend and I aren’t quite ready for that
I’ve already invested four years of my life
I really don’t want to scare him away

It’s in such great condition
Just like all of her things
What a shame it would be to throw it away
But please, if you’re interested, pick it up quickly
We don’t have forever, you know


Berlin — 12621 Hellersdorf
ID: 1329099391
Art: Schränke und Schrankwände
Versand: nur Abholung

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