On Background

Taken between 2016 and 2018, these images represent the social spaces frequented by Washington DC’s political influence class. These are places of leisure: a swimming pool, a theatre, a museum, a hotel lounge. They are also places of business, for those whose profession is government. Images furtively captured in private moments with a smartphone camera carry the whiff of an intimate secret.

Physically delimited by railings, hedgerows and windows, the represented spaces remind us of their exclusivity. We contemplate the distinction between what is within, and what is without. Hidden rooftop terraces and private balconies offer unobstructed views of national monuments. Interior spaces reveal velvet appointments, gilded accents, and conspicuously placed American flags. For the person who enters them, these realms are designed to serve as a visual complement to one’s own importance.

We are left with the impression of being voyeurs in an inner sanctum, having accidentally stumbled into a secretive haven for the enjoyment of those unseen few who can afford to enter it.

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