Urbis Visions


I am a student and an author. Rather than a set of conclusions, this page is a method of inquiry. My research explores how political ideology shapes public memory and visual culture.

This project examines collective identity through the lenses of decorative arts, architecture, monuments, consumer culture, globalisation, localism, nostalgia, and utopia.

Contemporary culture is explored creatively through essays, documentary photography, poetry, and narrative.

My work probes the question; as communities interact with the forces of neoliberal globalisation, what happens to their conceptions of self and other?

This project affirms the dignity of all communities and rejects the notions of linearity, elitism and moral superiority that pervade the neoliberal model of meritocratic internationalism.

I exhibit my work regionally and I am a contributor to the Pocket Strategist, a weekly cultural newsletter available on Substack.

Thank you for your readership,

Emma Louise Leahy

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