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Understanding power systems

Power relations are responsible for the social injustices considered on this page.

It is by understanding who holds power, and which moneyed interests they serve, that citizens of exploited communities can understand why it is that they are institutionally disempowered within their own societies.

A dispassionate understanding of processes is important for activists.

I am a policy student and former practitioner; this guide to legislative processes in the US Congress is prepared based on my personal experience, to help outsiders and advocates understand the power structures that shape their access to public institutions as well as their ability to effect policy change.

Attribution statement: This presentation is my original work product and is attributable to me. The background images are drawn from the digital archives of the Smithsonian American Art Museum and the National Gallery of Art, both of which are in Washington DC. The images of the congressmembers are their official portraits as drawn from congress.gov.

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